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  • Liz says:

    Is It Normal To NOT HEAR FROM YOUR BF WHENEVER HE’S AWAY (going On 11 Days)? What Is Ur Perspective? We have been dating for over three months. I’m 24; he’s 28.

    He travels a lot becuase he’s an independant film producer. The first time he traveled, I didn’t hear from him and I was upset with him when he got back. We resolved the conflict (seemingly), and THEN:

    He goes away two/three more times after that and THE SAME THING HAPPENS!

    Currently, he went 4 hours away to re-shoot his feature film and he never emailed, called, or texted (AND HE KNOWS THAT I HAVE A URINARY TRACT INFECTION FROM HAVING SEX WITH HIM; nvr even called to ask how I’ve been feeling!!!!),
    then straight after that (and what he’s doing currently) he joined this church group to go to the International Toronto Film Festival! That’s where he’s at right now but he never invited me to it and he still has not contacted me! He always does this (meaning, he never calls or texts me when he’s away)!

    I know what he’s away doing is the truth (I have ways to check those facts), BUT I HATE HOW HE NEVER CALLS ME OR TEXTS ME OR FACEBOOK COMMENTS ME an then when he gets back he expects things to be all good between us.

    I’m ticked off b/c I feel neglected and not valued and not special at all!
    I’ve never had a bf before, so I’m new to all of this.

    He’s been gone for ten days (and he’s still at the film fest), and I’ve received no call or text isince he left.

    Please help. Give me some perspective; what do you think?

    • Curator says:

      No, it’s not normal at all either figure out what his problem is or you could do the simplest thing of all dump his a– by ignoring his phone calls, ignoring his texts and treating him how he treats you he should get the message.

  • Juliana says:

    What Movie Should I Have Johnny Depp Sign? So I’m going to the Toronto International Film Festival and Johnny Depp has flown into Toronto for this festival. I want to bring one of his movies that I could have him sign if I see him. The question is which one should I have him sign. It would be nice to have maybe a movie with a role he really enjoyed playing but if not which one should I get him to sign. I pretty much have them all.

    • Curator says:

      You should just take your favorite one, you are going to be the one keeping it not him and Johnny Depp seems like the kind of guy who enjoyed most if not all of his roles. I am jealous btw!

  • Clove says:

    What Does “Off Sale” At Tiff (toronto International Film Festival) Mean? I want to go watch Perks at the toronto international film festival but it says that the screening is off sale. Can anybody tell me what this means?
    “As of Saturday, Sept. 1 at 10am, the following screenings are Offsale. Additional screenings will continue to go offsale once our single ticket sales period begins on Sept. 2.
    Please check back to tiff.net at 7am on the day of the screening to see if any new tickets have become available”

    • Curator says:

      What is the opposite of “on”? The answer is “off”.

      So when tickets are “on” sale, that means they are available for purchase.
      Therefore, when tickets are “off” sale, that means they are not available for purchase.

      On the day of the screening, try telephoning the film’s location to see if any additional tickets have become available, or ask if they will be selling tickets at the door. Also, are you aware that some promoters sometimes release some tickets just a few minutes before the show begins?

  • San says:

    How Does The Toronto International Film Festival Work? Hi, I want to go to TIFF but I just want to see celebs and not films, do I need to buy tickets? How do I know when it starts and stuff.

    • Curator says:

      It will be held from September 6 through September 16, 2012.

      Tickets are not necessary unless you attend the activities inside the various hotels and theatres. But for standing outside these buildings, tickets are not needed.

      The source links I posted below has the information you need.

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