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Toyota to recall nearly 6.5M vehicles for steering, other faults

10 April 2014 | 12:02 am Toyota Motor Corp, in its second-largest recall announcement, said on Wednesday that it would call back 6.39 million vehicles globally after uncovering five different faults involving parts ranging from steering to seats.

Toyota In Global Recall Of 6 Million Vehicles

9 April 2014 | 6:39 pm Toyota has issued a global recall of millions of vehicles because of safety issues. The Japanese company said the announcement covers three issues affecting RAV4, Hilux, Yaris and Urban Cruiser models. "Toyota is conducting the recalls according to Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) code of practice." There is a risk that when the steering wheel is turned damage may occur to the circuitry.

Toyota recall of 6.4M vehicles for steering, airbag defects is its second-largest ever (+video)

9 April 2014 | 5:15 pm Toyota recall of nearly 6.4 million vehicles includes almost 30 models mostly sold in North America, Europe, and Japan. The latest Toyota recall comes just weeks after the automaker paid a $1.2 billion fine for failing to disclose earlier safety problems in its cars.

GM repairing 40,500 Pontiac Vibes as part of Toyota airbag recall …

9 April 2014 | 8:30 pm General Motors has confirmed to Autoblog that the Pontiac Vibe is included in Toyota's just-announced recall action. The Vibe and the Toyota Matrix share a large number of parts, including the affected cable to the airbag.

Toyota recalls more than 6 million vehicles worldwide as auto safety …

9 April 2014 | 7:52 pm Toyota Motor Corp. issued one of the largest recalls in automotive history Wednesday, affecting more than 6 million vehicles worldwide, at a time when the safety record of the entire auto industry is under intense scrutiny.

Toyota Recalls 6.4 Million Vehicles Worldwide Consumerist

9 April 2014 | 2:48 pm Toyota Motor Corp. announced today that it is recalling 6.39 million vehicles worldwide for a variety of problems including issues with seat rails, airbag deployment and steer columns. This marks the companies third …

Toyota under Fire : Lessons for Turning Crisis into Opportunity 2009 Recall

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6 Responses to Toyota Recall

  • Fathered says:

    Civ 5 Recalled To Life? I know what it does and all and how it makes them very great full to you. I am wondering do they end up in their era they were in before death? If so I am definitely going to liberate Austria since they were taken over by Greece in funnily enough Ancient era! (first era) or VERY early 2nd era.

    We’re past Artillery so it will be funny as hell to see them in Ancient Era talking smack as all the AI do even when they are down to 1 great gen or 1 worker.

    Please explain how this has anything to do with “Travel > Africa & Middle East> Algeria” …. and “Cars & Transportation > Car Makes > Toyota”

  • Patrick D says:

    07 Lexus IS250 Vs 2014 Honda Accord Sport( Or Other New Car)? Been debating this option for a couple weeks now. Got the opportunity to pick up a used 2007 IS250 from a family member for $17k. The car’s got about 45k miles and is pretty good condition. Car has been taken care of driven well and regular maintenance & recalls has been done on the car. Don’t have to worry about paying Sales/Use Tax since it be written off as a gift at DMV. My other option would be just wait & buy a new car (been thinking about Accord Sport).

    Pros: nice style(i think so anyway), low miles for 7 year old car, Toyota/Lexus reliability for the most part, don’t have to worry about tax, less money than buying a new car
    Cons: Carbon buildup issue with IS250(DI engine), higher maintenance cost, higher fuel cost(take premium)

    Honda Accord Sport
    Pros: New car, under warranty if any issues arise, has features that IS doesn’t have(bluetooth), regular fuel, better gas mileage
    Cons: Will cost more upfront. Figure id pay roughly 23-24k(sales tax, all fees included) for the car so thats at minimum $6k more than the Lexus.

    Should i take the chance on the IS or am i better off spending more on the new car?

  • NMK629 says:

    Is A 2012 VW Jetta A Good Car? I’ve heard mixed reviews on this car, but I’m not sure. Down the road, I’m thinking about buying one used. The older models (2006-2010) I’ve heard will need lots of repairing for maintenance, but the newer ones (2011-2014) I’ve heard are much more reliable. I take good care of a vehicle but I’m not interested in constant repairs (well who is anyway?). I don’t LOVE the Hondas and Toyotas that everyone raves about for reliability, but I do like how the jetta drives and looks. My big question is, how many miles will this car last if it’s well cared for and what am I looking at repair-wise?

    • Curator says:

      All cars have mixed revues they don’t need anymore servicing than any other car , once a year for oil , 36000 miles for spark plugs and air filter hondas and toyotas have had more recalls than any other cars

  • Iker 24 says:

    Gf Wants Chevy Traverse, I Want Explorer Or Expedition, Need Opinions? So we have twins on the way, our little car can not fit all of us since we already have two kids. we are looking at upgrading to something bigger, we need a 6+ passenger car, NO VANS!!!!
    We went shopping, as far as comfort, my gf loved the Chevy Traverse, I liked its safety ratings and comfort was nice, however i asked about reliability and the guy said it had no problems yet. Today i read there was a recall a week ago with some airbag issue, and we all know how Chevy was around their bankruptcy time frame. Have they changed much? are their engine and transmissions more reliable now? How about the Suburban?
    I also took a look at the Dodge Durango, comfort was nice, it has the space we need for strollers and seating, i however dont know much about Dodge, except they too made bad cars. how reliable is it, overall?
    I liked the Explorer and expedition between all the cars, i could swap either as i was completely comfortable in both of them. much like dodge, i haven’t done any research on ford either, any opinions on these SUVs?

    thoughts on Import SUVs?
    Yeah i had thought about the Highlander but looked at the cargo space and there is just no room back there for our strollers. about the same room as the Tahoe, surprisingly, the sequoia was nice but just a huge gas guzzler.

    • Curator says:

      Just get a minivan if you want life to be easier. There’s nothing wrong with minivans. It will be more comfortable. If i had 4 kids i would pick a minivan over a midsize/large SUV. If you still want an SUV I would personally go with a Toyota Highlander. They have better reliability scores, it’s more refined, it has the best fuel economy, it’s equally cheap to maintain, and they hold their value better. It’s also redesigned for this year which i personally hate (i love the 2013 more ) but it’s still an excellent choice. You can also look at the Volvo XC90, it’s more expensive on both pricetag and maintenance but it offers better comfort, refinement and safety than any SUV it it’s class

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