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True Detective Watch: Heart of Darkness

10 February 2014 | 4:16 pm I watched the first four episodes of HBOs True Detective, ending with last nights Who Goes There?, before the series premiered. The advantage of that, obviously, is that seeing several episodes gives a critic a sense of the sweep and the goals of the story better than a single pilot. But especially with a show as visually ambitious as True Detective, a rough-cut advance screener is nothing …

True Detective: Heres the Brilliant Song From That Strip Club Scene (Video)

10 February 2014 | 4:13 pm The hellish closing of Sunday nights True Detective is the sequence everyone is talking about, but a quick scene in a strip club may have been even better.

True Detective episode 4 recap: Crash-ing the party

10 February 2014 | 3:19 am Our True Detective recap breaks down the events of episode 4, which viewers had to wait two weeks for thanks to the Super Bowl. The wait was worth it, if only for the final few minutes of this episode. First Continue reading The post True Detective episode 4 recap: Crash-ing the party appeared first on Hypable .

HBO's True Detective's amazing six-minute shot – Hot Topics

10 February 2014 | 4:40 pm If you haven't been watching HBO's True Detective, you are making a big mistake. The tense crime drama set in Louisiana took a turn into Texas in Sunday night's episode the series' fourth and the ending, a six-minute,

'True Detective': Here's the Brilliant Song From That Strip Club …

10 February 2014 | 4:13 pm The hellish closing of Sunday night's True Detective is the sequence everyone is talking about, but a quick scene in a strip club may have been even better. As a dancer peels off an American-flag bikini, the DJ blares

True Detective Review: An Iron Crusader – TV Fanatic

10 February 2014 | 12:05 pm True Detective placed Rust undercover this week. It also dealt with the end of Marty's marriage.

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8 Responses to True Detective

  • Stupid me says:

    What Can I Do? My Wife Falsely Accused Me Of Rape.? We were going thru a divorce and she was seeing another guy. After our court hearing, she claimed that the guy was just a friend, that he was gay and they never had sex. She asked if I would consider reconciliation. I told her to get rid of the guy and we could see if there was hope for us. We met up at a hotel on Friday and again on Sunday after church. We had sex both times and she swore she was trying to work on us. She asked me to move back in on the following Wednesday. From Friday to Wednesday I spent over $1500.00 helping her with her car problems and getting internet. I went home on Wednesday and we went to bed late. No sex. The next morning, I attempted to get out of bed to go to work and she grabbed me and asked if I woukld stay home with her. I explained I missed too much work already to which she said “just lie back.” She performed oralsex for about 3 or 4 minutes and then we had intercourse. There was nothing abnormal about the event, it was missionary to scissors and there was no complaints from either side. Afterward, we talked about other things, I took a shower, gave her a kiss, she said she loved me and I went to work. I spoke to her several times thru out the day and she shared her whereabouts and even said she wanted to home when I got there. I told her not to rush and that I would be home at 6:00. When I got home, I found a diagnosis of pregnancy she was given during our time apart. She called me to say she was on her way and I asked her about it. She claimed it was not true and that she was not pregnant. I asked her if she would take a morning after pill because I was stupid and did the pull out thing as apposed to using protection. She got very upset and cried but said she would. I left the house to see my daughter and tuck her in as she was at nanna’s house that evening. My wife called when she got home and was crying and upset, She asked if I was coming home. I said I was but I wanted to get my three year old down first. This was at 8:30. I got my child asleep and made it back to the house at 10:00. There were police in the house and after meeting with them, They informed me that my wife was at the hospital and that she was claiming that I raped her that morning. I told them what happened and they investigated. They sent it to the DA today and the detective said I probably wont be charged but that is little comfort. My wife has a history of false allegations on me and she used my card to go shopping on Thursday while I was at work and spent almost an hour on the phone with me. What should I do if I am not charged. I think she should pay for this. This is way more serious than anything she had ever done.

  • Is This A Good Love Poem, I Worked On It All Day? I’m a detective, that’s looking for love that’s true
    I asked everyone, but they didn’t knew who
    For I knew this culprit was hard to pursue
    Until one day, my heart just flew
    When I found out my culprit was you.

    Is it good, it’s my first love poem, how would you feel if you gotten this?

  • Richard says:

    Just Curious About A Couple Things Police? Don’t you know in law and order where they can get Suspects records from DNA , forensics, dumping suspects phone call and text logs, and do detectives have guns because I was watching I almost got away with it and they weren’t and that show is true and law and order isnt so ?

  • Rep says:

    FBI/Detective Game On PS3.? I used to have a game on my PS3 where you would be an FBI agent. I sold my ps3 and bought a pc. I want to play that game but I don’t know what it is called. All I can remember is you start in a firing range and one of the missions are in some kind of fighting dojo or something. You can also arrest people on the streets who are fighting or commiting crimes. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Curator says:

      For the sake of the little girl (IF she’s still alive) I think I hope so but everything in me says no. I find the theory that these burglars disturbed Maddie and decided to snatch her and run, instead of just running, as any small time robber would surely do, impossible to believe. And to start making loads of traceable phonecalls at the same time? Unlikely.

      I just hope this will all end, one way or another because if I have to see that man on my TV screen again (never mind her) I think I will be sick.

      Add – I’d love for this to be a smoke screen on the part of the UK police and that in fact, they are homing in on the true culprits……… !!

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