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Twitter hatchling soars: Investors snap up 70 million TWTR shares and want more

7 November 2013 | 8:37 pm As the New York Stock Exchange's opening bell pealed across the trading floor Thursday morning, heralding Twitter's first day as a publicly owned company, an investment scramble immediately drove the price of a share to $45.10, 73 percent above the opening share price of $26. The owners of Twitter, the free online microblogging platform that has facilitated political uprisings and sexting …

Twitter becomes TWTR

7 November 2013 | 8:15 pm Will Wall Street make a hash of the strange, quirky social network?

Before the Twitter IPO (TWTR), There Were These Disappointing IPOs

7 November 2013 | 7:38 pm Will the Twitter IPO One Day Be a Page in a Book of Disappointing Stocks?–abc-news-money.html

How High Will TWTR Stock Go? Ask Mr. Fed Chair(wo)man | Zero …

7 November 2013 | 7:44 pm Because it's not about valuations.. and it's not about rational expectations… we present the only metric necessary to project TWTR's price into the oh-so-predictable future…

Twitter's IPO On The NYSE – Business Insider

7 November 2013 | 7:31 pm What It Was Like On The Trading Floor During Twitter's IPO We were at the New York Stock Exchange for Twitter's IPO. SEE ALSO: Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams Deserves More Credit For The Company's Success.

TWTR Goes Public, Stock Trading 73% Above IPO… [Updated …

7 November 2013 | 5:51 pm [10:51 AM PST] TWTR went live on the New York Stock Exchange today. Their IPO price was set at $26, but they opened at $45.10. That price values the company at around $31 billion even though Twitter had never turned

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    • Curator says:

      No. The largest market cap stock in R2000 is currently about $5B. The expected market cap for TWTR is well above that level, so it will clearly be added to R1000 rather than R2000.

      The index weight of TWTR would not large enough to determine the direction of the overall index.

  • Jen3551 says:

    Good Morning – Does Anyone Know The Trivia Answers For 99.5 WRVE Albany NY And Other Stations 11.04.13? Thank you everyone.
    Well thank you so very much PlaysTooMuch and you are very welcome.

    • Curator says:

      Country – Billy Currington
      Country Livin’ – Hunter Hayes
      Remember When? …An inept jingle writer
      4th Quarter: Matthew Stafford
      Blockbusters: Once Upon a Time
      Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
      In The News: TWTR
      Jimi Hendrix Trivia: Queens, New York
      Music Pop Quiz – Salvador Dali Parton
      Pop Clips – Sharknado 2
      Pop Culture – Madonna
      VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Aden
      Video: More About Solar Energy: $1
      Today in History for November 4th – Cy Young
      VIDEO – Hallmark Regrets Changing “Gay” L – fun
      VIDEO – Trailer for “The LEGO Movie” Rele – batman
      VIDEO: Skydivers,Pilots Survive Mid-Air…Wisconsin
      VIDEO: 100 Days of Adorable Baby Pandas…Atlanta
      Fun Fall Video Trivia: Sharks
      Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Fancy Duds
      Video Trivia Time: Las Vegas
      Entertainment Zone!: Nora Jones
      Videos Gone Wild!: 17
      Daily Video Trivia – Ohio
      Diabetes & Oral Health – blood sugar
      What are Cavities – Fissures

    • Curator says:

      Rewards codes for 92.3 KTAR
      8:15 —— shave
      11:20 —- South
      2:02 —– flu
      3:15 —— logo
      8:02 —— I missed this. If you know please post. Thanks Oneshoe. 🙂
      Daily Connect Rewards Code — flu
      Insider Newsletter — Housing

      4th Quarter — Matthew Stafford
      Blockbusters — Once Upon a Time
      In The News — TWTR
      Remember When? — An inept jingle writer
      Top Dollar Trivia — 30 percent
      Daily Video Trivia — Ohio State
      Video Trivia Makes you happy — Aden
      KTAR Trivia — Trend Micro

      KTAR 620 Sports
      Starting 5 — loss
      Insider Newsletter —
      Doug’s Research — 5
      Song of the Day —- Gonzo
      Knowledge Drop — Sam….

      AZ Family Word for the Day — straightforward

      Kool 94.5 FM
      Newsletter —- Parrots
      Music Quiz — William John Clifton Haley Jr.
      Video: More About Solar Energy — 1
      Fun Fall Video — sharks
      9:00am — I Wish
      12:00pm — Baby I Love Your Way
      4:00pm — I Should Have Known Better
      7:00pm — Sweet Talkin’ Woman.

      Please help by acknowledging answers with the thumbs up or down if you are using the answers given here. Also give the Asker acknowledgement and press star at the top that you are following the asker. Thanks

      Good to see you are still on YA S. I hope all was resolved in your favor.

  • Art says:

    Why Do People Upload Lots Of Mp3, Video, And Torrent Files On Internet? *There are lots of torrent sites where lots of people have uploaded audio, video, games, pdf etc. What good is it for them if anyone downloads their uploaded files?

    *From where do the social network sites like FB, NF, Twtr etc. get the money and how? Who gives them millions of dollars and why!?
    Ok I get it. But about the uploaders, say I have an acc in a particular torrent site and uploaded lots of files. If others download those files, what’s for me from the site? At first I thought the internet speed will be increased (stupid thinking), that’s why they upload.

    • Curator says:

      1. so that others may download what they want whenever they want, without paying a single penny. Some sites like utorrent, ‘ the uploaders’ can get very famous if there upload history is perfect with no virus etc, this gives the audience ‘downloaders’ to view most of what they want from that ‘uploaders profile/site/section this promotes that uploader to have sponsorship from many other popular sites witch then displays ‘ads’ for witch the uploader gets paid for, ‘ mostly a minumum payment’. i strongly believe its a moral act where as the uploader would like to be generous and let the audience that cannot pay for a 100 dollar game/ 20 dollar movie, and lend it to them for free.

      2. fb and all those get payment in same ways, sponsorship (but from bigger companies) etc


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