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UFC 145 Results: Fan Reaction

Sat, 21 Apr 2012 21:42:00 -0700 The UFC 145 fight card lived up to the hype, with fighters like Eddie Yagin and Ben Rothwell pulling off memorable upsets. Here are the results of the entire UFC 145 fight card held on April 21, at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ufc-145-results-fan-reaction-044200454–spt.html

UFC 145 Results: Jon Jones Will Meet Dan Henderson in His Next UFC Title Defense

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 01:19:04 -0700 At just 24 years of age, Jon Jones has accomplished a great deal as a professional MMA fighter. He joined the UFC in 2008 after fighting six times that year with smaller promotions. Jones then went on a seven-fight run that saw him lose only once, a disqualification loss for throwing illegal elbows. That run earned him a shot at UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio Shogun Rua. Jones ran … http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1155057-ufc-145-results-jon-jones-will-meet-dan-henderson-in-his-next-ufc-title-defense

UFC 145 results recap: Eddie Yagin vs Mark Hominick fight review …

MMAmania's Brian Hemminger breaks down last night's UFC 145 main card opening bout between Eddie Yagin and Mark Hominick. How did Yagin pull off the biggest upset of the night? Find out inside. http://www.mmamania.com/2012/4/22/2966151/ufc-145-results-recap-eddie-yagin-vs-mark-hominick-fight-review-and

UFC 145 results: Rashad Evans fails against Jon Jones with wacky …

Rashad Evans failed to dethrone UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 145 last night (Sat., April 21, 2012) in Atlanta and he may very well have a wacky game plan to thank for it. http://www.mmamania.com/2012/4/22/2966145/ufc-145-results-rashad-evans-fails-against-jon-jones-with-wacky-game

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5 Responses to Ufc Results

  • Anonymous says:

    Rumble Dome 10 + Rumble Dome 9 Results + WQ? Rumble Dome 9 results:
    1.Heel wolverine
    2.Cross Rhodes
    3.WWE Champion CM Punk
    4.John Cena Last Stand
    5.Mke & Last Icon
    Mainevent.Hunter WS Jigsaw

    Rumble Dome 10:

    Shows theme plays, and the show itself starts. Know your role is in the ring, about to do an interview about his return to Rumble Dome and contention for the world title (Know your role i need you to do an interview)

    1. Professional edgehead(C) vs last icon (title match for the tv title)
    2. Mke vs HHH – King of kings

    Cm punk last stand is backstage underway with an interview (CM Punk last stand i need you to do an interview about you upcoming match with cm punk wwe champion)

    3. Shawn Micheals awef vs Samir
    4. Cena last stand vs The phenomenal one
    5. wwe champion cm punk vs cm punk last stand
    Mainevent: Cross rhodes vs Know your role vs Heel wolverine (no.1 contender for the world title)

    WQ: Do you think brock still thinks he is in ufc, with all the bleeps and the blood shed and all
    WQ2: Do you think i should get more talent in to Rumble Dome, like have a rumble dome try outs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why The Hell Would Anyone Want To Be A Boxer? Ok,lets leave out the money part for a moment. seriously,
    are these people’s egos that fvcking important that they’re
    willing to get brain damage,or a whole myriad of other
    injuries,resulting from constantly being pummeled in the
    head,face,ribs,neck,etc…? i’m not ranting or anything.i just
    don’t understand what the hell these idiots are thinking.
    usually people use alcohol consumption as the catalyst that
    causes violent behavior. but these guys/gals aren’t drinking
    alcohol,or hopped up on goofs balls. so ,why do it? i see these
    ufc guys fighting bare knuckle against one another,and for what?
    bragging rights? why the fvck is it so g*ddamned important to
    them? i know, i know-you’re going to ask me,why is it so important
    to me? well i have just always wondered this. that’s all.are these
    people just extraordinarily violent people who have serious anger
    issues,and the only way to cope with this anger is to release it upon
    another person? it’s like they want to hurt people,but they have to do
    it in a “legal” way,a way that won’t cause them to be imprisoned for
    the next 60 years of their sad lives.so,ufc,and boxing was formed. i
    suppose,to them,life has very little meaning. pretty pathetic. just look
    at tyson,what the fvck was going through that retard’s head,when he
    got that moronic looking tattoo on his FACE?! if you ask me,they
    just seem like selfish egomaniacal narcissists. a lot of these people
    have families.and it’s like they don’t even give a fvck that the risk of
    death is so close,and may result in them making their own children
    father/motherless. all they care about are their overly inflated egos.
    i mean,what-they can’t find any other form of employment that doesn’t
    require excessive violence ? geez,grow the fvck up people!
    well it’s clear,nobody will agree with me..so,sorry for asking a logical question.

    • Curator says:

      You raise some good points, actually. roy jones himself said many of the things you said. for me, i was a skinny, sickly child with asthma, and boxing and karate helped me get strong. my asthma went away, and i got in great shape. helped with my self esteem also.. the brain is not meant to get hit, nor is the body, really, but your first sentence is crucially inaccurate. you CAN’T leave the money part out of this because for lots of guys, it’s a way out of poverty. now why guys like pacquiao, mayweather, and others hang around longer is beyond me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ufc Personal Trainer, 30 Or 60 Day Weight Loss Routine? ? Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice here, looking to lose some weight with the ufc personal trainer for ps3 but want to know which one is best, the 30 day routine or 60 day. And also would like to hear from anyone who has tried this and what results they have achieved. Thank you

    • Curator says:

      Personally I would go with the 60 day routine. If you use the 30 day routine, after the month is over, you’re stuck with the “now what?” question. With the 60 day routine, you don’t have to deal with that as often.

      Although I haven’t personally tried the program, I know a few who have and they all generally lost about two pounds a week.

      Hope this helps!

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