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Valentines in Ink

15 February 2014 | 2:14 am Mandy Maquiling of Lynnwood gets tattooed on Valentine's Day by artist Eric Marts at Seattle Tattoo Emporium in Capitol Hill. The Eiffel Tower design reflects where her husband Mike proposed to her in 2007 – his name is at the base.

Valentines Gourmet Chef

15 February 2014 | 12:48 am National statistics say that on the average Valentines Day consumers will spend about one-hundred dollars on restaurants, flowers and candy. But, Minot's Gourmet Chef thinks more romantic dinners can

Valentines are a history of hearts, in Montclair

15 February 2014 | 12:31 am Nancy Rosin describes the history embedded in valentines

Little Birdie Who…and Other Stories (romantic comedy): Three hilarious short fiction pieces (Kindle Edition) tagged “valentines” 4 times

11 January 2013 | 1:17 am Little Birdie Who...and Other Stories (romantic comedy): Three hilarious short fiction pieces Little Birdie Who…and Other Stories (romantic comedy): Three hilarious short fiction pieces (Kindle Edition)By Vicki Batman Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: valentines(4), humorous romance(4), contemporary romance(4), romance(4), humor(4), vicki batman(4), fiction(4), sassy(4), short story(3), romantic short stories(2), little birdie who and other stories

Be Mine, Valentine (Paperback) tagged “valentines” 4 times

18 October 2012 | 4:12 am Be Mine, Valentine Be Mine, Valentine (Paperback)By Suzanne Barrett 1 used and new from $84.52 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: love(5), valentines(4), romantic(4), sweet(4), nancy naigle(4), anthologies(3), short stories(2), romance(2), bittersweet(2), turquoise morning press(2), lovely(2), tracy march(2)

Life is More Than Candy Hearts (Paperback) tagged “valentines” 48 times

14 October 2012 | 9:56 pm Life is More Than Candy Hearts Life is More Than Candy Hearts (Paperback)By Michle Richard 5 used and new from $41.26 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: valentines(48), love(46), short story collection(45), romance(45), short stories(42), processing grief(34), rediscovery(30)

A Tangled Web: Book II in The Rennillia Series (Paperback) tagged “valentines” 4 times

6 October 2012 | 6:00 pm A Tangled Web: Book II in The Rennillia Series A Tangled Web: Book II in The Rennillia Series (Paperback)By M. Sembera Buy new: $22.46 Customer tags: short story collection(5), chick lit(5), romance(5), love(5), young adult(5), fiction(5), valentines(4), military(4)

The Goodnight Kiss Series (Loving Threesomes) (Kindle Edition) tagged “valentines” 29 times

6 September 2012 | 1:21 am The Goodnight Kiss Series (Loving Threesomes) The Goodnight Kiss Series (Loving Threesomes) (Kindle Edition)By Mallory Sterling Buy new: $6.99 Customer tags: valentines(29), drunk(29), date(29), married(29), surprise(29), threesome(29), drama free(29), horney(29), strapon(29), edited erotica(29), girl on girl(29), swinger(29)

Pat Sajak — Valentine's Date with Vanna White … Do We Have to …

15 February 2014 | 1:00 am Awww yeah … Pat Sajak is kicking it with Vanna White tonight for Valentine's Day! But hold off on the champagne and fireworks — his wife and

James Franco has a Valentine's Day card for you — PHOTO …

14 February 2014 | 9:17 pm Most cheesy Valentine's Day cards featuring a celebrity or movie character are made by people impressed with how they can force movie phrases into pickup lines. (Here's looking at you, Bellatrix Lestrange.)

Fuck Valentine's Day | The Bloggess

14 February 2014 | 5:05 pm Hi. Today is Valentine's Day and that means you either spend all day wondering if your significant other is going to get you something, or you spend the day poisoning the roses that all the other girls in your office got. This is


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Vintage Valentine Card Indian Boy Tomahawk UNUSED Die-Cut for Child Envelope

15 February 2014 | 1:39 am $8.99
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Vintage Valentine Card Gardening Girl Watering Can UNUSED Die-Cut Envelope

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Vintage Valentine Card Boy Girl Red Heart UNUSED Die-Cut for Child Envelope

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5 Responses to Valentines

  • Mad says:

    I’m Always Scared He Is Going To Dump Me. What Do I Do? I met my dream guy online on new year. He persued me and we ushed into bf/gf after 2 weeks of talking, and 1 week of seeing each other. We had instant chemistry and got along so well, talking fo hours everytime and it seemed so right. He was so sure of me that we talked about our dreams of a future together maybe moving in in a year, getting engaged one day.

    But now there is a horrible cycle for the last month since we got together. We have a great day together, then toward the end i bring up something that upsets me (eg: he doesn’t plan dates for us, its always me initating, he doesn’t give me oral, he seems to hide me on facebook instead of flaunting our relationship) and then he get very distant for the next few days and i get sooo scared he’s going to dump me. Then i will call him and have a chat if everything is ok, reassure him i like him and ask if he likes me, and then he feels a bit better. Then the cycle repeats.

    Yesterday I found out that during one of our fights he had messaged a girl from the dating site, asking for pictures. I told him, and he seemed really upset and apologised profusely that he’d known it was wrong and stopped contact with her a few days later. We had dinner, exchnaged presents for valentines day, then had sex, and this time he got off – then didn’t bother about getting me off! I got annoyed! He got all awkward..and today he is ignoring me again. Called him up, reasurred him, and asked to see him tomorrow whch he agreed to. But still i feel something isnt right.

    He never posts about us on fb, hides some of the statuses i make about us, he hasn’t planned a single date outside the house since our first one, he hasn’t surprised me with any gifts or flowers ever, and he has a lot of close female friends. I don’t feel appreciate or loved or secure. But he’s the only guy i’ve met that meets my checklist, after soooo many years of singleness looking for a guy to love me that i could love back. I’m 22 and ready to find the one. I thought it was him…now im not sure. I really like him, i want him to like me the same.

  • Dune says:

    Alone On Valentine’s. Why Aren’t Guys Interested In Me? Okay so, I’m 21 now and never even held hands with a guy. I don’t really get it, because I’m a nice person with a good sense of humor and certainly not ugly. I am quite nerdy, but I don’t look like it because I am always dressed very smartly. I’m not christian, but I have strong morals and live a straight edged life. As an introvert, I have a hard time approaching and talking to guys. I’m not at all picky about looks, I mostly just want someone who’d be fun to hang out with.

    Personality aside, am I physically unattractive? Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m too skinny, and that’s turning people off. Here’s a picture of me before a workout:

    What I want to know is: What can I do to encourage guys to talk to me? What do guys look for in a girlfriend? Am I physically unattractive?

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

  • Maria says:

    Did I Send Him Off? I’m Really Confused? We’re both in college, I’m 18 and he’s 10. So yesterday a guy said we were going on a date to Qdoba at 11 and before I left his house he said so am I going to see you tomorrow? And I said we’ll see. Today I texted him happy valentines day and he replied happy valentines day babe. I then said ‘am I still seeing you today’ and all he said was yep. I didn’t go because I wasn’t sure if he remembered the time or anything. I don’t know if I sent him off or if he just didn’t want to go because of his single word answer, he didn’t even say ‘are you coming’ as if he went there. And now I’m confused because I don’t know if he’s mad or what since we haven’t talked the rest of the day. Did I send him off? Did he send me off? Was this just a misunderstanding?

  • Prawn says:

    I’m Thoroughly Creeped Out. What Should I Do? There’s this girl from my school. And she’s creeping me out. She buys me presents and gives this long *** birthday card with sentences like ‘before you, my life had no meaning’. And then valentines day, she gives me chocolates and a pick-up line that has something to do with pharmacists and happy pills. Link them. And something like she can’t stop now, she’s addicted. And if she stops, she’ll sink into severe depression. And I heard from a friend that she takes the train, only when I do.

    I’m not being mean, or whatever. It’s just that she creeps me out. Because we’ve only been friends (desk mates in Nicholas) for one year, which was last year. I’m not even in the same class or lectures as her anymore. I thought we were only good friends. What makes me feel uncomfortable is the fact that she’s a girl (and so am I.) Am I reading too much into this? What should I do to get her to stop? I don’t want to hurt anyone.

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