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Valentine's Day Full Moon Rises Friday for Snowy Sweethearts

14 February 2014 | 12:18 pm A full moon is rising for lovers on Valentine's Day, and it will be a Snow Moon. If weather permits, look up on Friday (Feb. 14) to see the full moon shining brightly in the winter sky. Friday's full moon is also known as the "Full Hunger Moon" because food was scarce and hunting was difficult for ancient tribes during this month. "A full moon shows up to Earthly viewers when the moon's orbit …

Valentine's Day 2014: Eggs, Spoons and other Weird Global Traditions

14 February 2014 | 11:34 am Strange traditions and customs include pinning bay leaves to beds and eating eggs.

Valentine's Day Fatigue? In Saudi Arabia You Can't Even Wear Red

14 February 2014 | 10:38 am Just as it does every year, Valentine's Day 2014 has brought an avalanche of snobbery and cynical remarks from Western commentators, sick of the commercial charade of the so-called "Lovers' Day". Valentine's Day – named after an early Christian saint who may have been imprisoned by Romans for illegally performing weddings – is when people send anonymous messages or gifts love. However, in some …

Valentine's Day Dresses 2014 Sexy Date Night Outfit Ideas …

13 February 2014 | 10:58 pm Valentine's Day Dresses SHOP Sexy & Stylish Looks For Your Date Night. Thu, February 13, 2014 5:58pm EST by HL Intern 1 Comment. Courtesy of Photos. View Gallery 18 Photos

Brown Platform: Happy Valentine's Day 2014

13 February 2014 | 10:16 pm Happy Valentine's Day 2014. I just want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!! Don't forget to let your beloved ones know that you love them and have a lovely valentine's day people ;). Blue jumper – Romwe.

Love is in the air: We break down which Valentine's Day movie you

13 February 2014 | 9:00 pm No Valentine's Day is complete without a ridiculous amount of chocolate and a trip to the movie theater to see the latest over-the-top cheesy romance. And the way I see it, SI Swimsuit: 2014 cover models are… Ralph Waite

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Hot Wheels Sweet Rides 2014 Kroger Exclusive Valentines Day set of 6 cars New

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STARBUCKS 2014 Gift Card Happy Valentine's Day Purple Hearts New No Value

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8 Responses to Valentine’s Day 2014

  • Svetoslav says:

    Did She Lost Interest Or Is She Playing Hard To Get ? Ok so I’ve made a previous question about this girl, at the time when she invited me to her birthday party on 17.01.2014

    So after that it all went well, we started texting each other like everyday, we talked a lot and it was just perfect. I was not always the one to start the conversations, we also talked in person in school a lot, she also started some of the conversations.

    Anyway so exactly 1 week ago, we went on our first date. She invited me to ice skating, and while we were skating she holded my hand and it was great. From time to time she would lay her head on my shoulder and it was just awesome. Later that night we went to Central Perk, where we drinked some coffee, this happens between 9:30 – 11:30 PM. When we arrived at Central Perk, by the way that is her favourite restaurant, she wanted me to sing with her, because it was a karaoke night, but I refused so we did not sing at all. Time went by and we had to get home. My father was there to get me and I asked her if she needed a ride,but she said that her mother will pick her up. So I wished her ” Good Night” she gave me a hug and that was all for that day.

    On the next day at school, I don’t know why or what made me do it. I went to her room and said that I want to apologize for my behavior last night, why God why would I even think of such a thing. Anyway she said that it all went fine and that I should not worry about it. That was good to hear, and later that day I sent her a SMS saying: ” Hey wanna see a movie this weekend? ” she replied with “ok” and when I asked her, for a day whether is it going to be Sunday or Saturday, she replied with “we will see 😉 ” I was ok with this answer, I though she will probably text me when she has time.

    And on 7.02.14 I realised that on Valentine’s day we won’t go to school, so I asked her if she knew about that, she said yes. And I told her, that I want her to be ready, cause you know I will invite her to a date on Valentine’s day. She said ” hah I don’t know, but now I will go and get something to eat”

    So the weekend passed and I didn’t got an asnwer from her, so on Sunday I sent her a really simple SMS saying ” Hey you, what are you doing 🙂 ” I had to wait like 4 hours for her to reply and when she did she said that she was going to the mountain to try out her snowboard. So later that day at 10:30 PM maybe I asked her something about school, just to start the conversation, she answered me really quick, and she even asked how was I doing, but before I could give her an answer she said, that she has to learn and has to go. So I said ” You never have time for me” and she said ” Don’t be sad, if I finish earlier I will message you, of course she did not.

    So it was Monday again and I though why not ask her is she is free during the break, so I did. And guess what she texted me back saying that she is not in school today, I asked why and she said that she is taking a break.

    And we come to Wednesday 12.02.2014. So today I finnaly had the balls to call her and ask her out on a second date. I asked how are you doin and after she answered I said ” Are you free today, I mean do you want to go out? ” She said that after her lesson, that lasts like 2 hours, she has plans for tonight, but these plans were not 100% certain, so if they failed she would call or text me and I was like yea ok. Guess what she did not call or text 🙁

    So I need some advises here, I was planning on asking her out again on Friday, but now I am not sure if I have to do it ( by the way we barely talked after the first date and when we did our conversations lasted not more than 5-10 minutes, while before the date they were atleast 30 min )

    So I am asking you guys did she lost interest or is the playing hard to get I really don’t know. The one thing I know is that I really like this girl and it would be a shame if I let her go. So please help me 🙂

  • WHO IS READY For MY SONG About A Depressing Valentine’s Day Alone? Alone again?
    I’m on the verge man….. Here is a song for all of us. Your comments are welcome.
    Got a guitar? I’ll send you the chords, you can sing it to her / him.
    It is time people like us had our SONG.
    I wrote this yesterday (2012) with the pending doom of Valentine’s Day on the horizon, once again…

    Title: Valentine’s Day, Alone.

    Nobody sent me… their New Year’s Best Wish
    Didn’t even get me a real nice kiss,
    Just a lil’ one… on the cheek from my sis
    And here comes another holiday.. that I’m gonna miss
    Another Valentine’s Day… alone.

    Those long-stemmed roses… and some choco-lit
    Ain’t gonna arrive with my name on it.
    Got no one to love me… not even a little bit.
    It’s been quite a while now, and I feel like shitt.
    Another Valentine’s Day…. Alone

    My good friends like to show me their flowers put into a vase
    They look at me… so happily, and I put on a false face
    To hide my sad feelings… Why don’t I have that lover, that nice
    Why can’t these friends of mine, just give me some good advice?

    Ain’t gonna have no rest’rant reservation for Saturday night
    Red tablecloth, single rose in a vase, Chateau St. Emilion 1995.
    No soft hand to hold, No pretty brown eyes to stare into mine.
    So very long since you left me, but I’ve never lost track of the time.
    Another Valentine’s Day…
    Another Birthday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day… Alone.

    Repeat Chorus.

    BLUES LOVIN’ DADDY MUSIC.. Feb. 2012/ 2014

  • Vinay says:

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  • Gonzalo says:

    Help Me! Valentine’s Day Problem For A Girl.? I’m a sophomore and I just recently asked a girl out (for the first time) and I guess I did it wrong. I asked,”Do you want to go out?” and she asked,”Sure where?” I asked,”Want to watch a movie, next Friday(Valentine’s Day)”. I asked her on Thursday(Feb 6, 2014) which Valentine’s Day right now at my time is this Friday. I meant to just ask her to be my gf but I guess she saw a date instead. So a few days passed, I asked her if she was still up for the movie(just to make sure) and she said,”Yeah, but just to let you know I want to go as friends”. I’ve only known her for a couple or maybe a few months and I know she has said that she thinks relationships don’t last long which is why I sorta think she wouldn’t wanna be in a relationship with me. She’s probably afraid it’ll be a cheap and short relationship. To be honest, me and her(you’re a really smart person if you see it this way too) both see eye to eye on that thought cause I really get annoyed seeing/hearing things like,”BABE, I wanna spend my life with you, have kids with you, grow up and die together, travel to every beautiful spot on Earth with you” cause they end up breaking up only about a few days/weeks/rarely months later. I was thinking maybe I should ask her when the time is right to be my gf. But I find this the right time because we’ll be alone(without a person we know around us) and it’s Valentine’s Day landing on Friday, a FRIDAY!!! Next time it lands on a Friday will be in 2020. I find this almost the right time in my opinion. What can I do to ask her to be my gf? I am thinking about doing all sorts of things but I really want to respect the whole,”We’re going as friends” thing. I don’t wanna “bust a move” in theaters(when the male yawns and crosses his legs then puts his arm around the female) that’ll just be too much almost disrespectfully rude. I feel like she’s the right girl for me, she’s smart and is one of the nicest girls(she is the nicest girl) I’ve ever met. Would a rose be good to give to her when I meet her outside the theaters? I’m already paying for her ticket and the food. I just don’t want her to see me worst if I do the wrong thing. I can really see myself with her in the future, I may be pulling this too far but I’ve “liked” many other girls or had crushes back in the day. If I could count, maybe like 6 of them(girls I liked for their looks), but this girl is one that made me change, suddenly I’ve matured up, I’ve started doing so many chores without my mom or dad asking me to, my grades are the best that they have ever been, I lost interest in every other girl(my hormones used to go crazy for other girls even when I had a crush, but with her, she’s the only girl on my mind and she doesn’t leave it). I don’t exactly know surely but I am almost sure that I may be bipolar, and if I mess my great opportunity up, I may slip into some kind of depression like I have been through once for a couple months and it was the worst time of my life. She laughs at my jokes, she starts the texting sometimes, she doesn’t mind when I hug her, she doesn’t even mind when I tell her that I love her, she has never been in a conversation with me and never smiled. Thank you for taking your time at reading this long question, please help. What would be the best thing to do? Like I said I want to respect the”just friendly date” thing but yet I want to find a way around that.

  • Vinay says:

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    • Curator says:

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  • What To Get Boyfriend For Valentines Day? I am really clueless as to what to get my boyfriend, I want to get him something that he wants or needs. He has mentioned before that sometimes he wishes he can get a foot massage because he gets really tired feet, so I was thinking of buying him an electronic foot massage. Does that seem like a good idea? What else can I get him? He loves sweets and chocolates too.

    Any ideas would be really helpful!

    Thank you in advance

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