Van Cliburn

Van Cliburn remembered as piano virtuoso who transcended Cold War

28 February 2013 | 3:29 am Van Cliburn passed away Wednesday at his Texas home. The Grammy award-winning classical pianist was a star in both the US and Russia.

Van Cliburn, American Classical Pianist, Passes Away at 78

28 February 2013 | 2:40 am The legendary American pianist, who thawed the icy rivalry between America and Russia by winning a 1958 major piano competition in Moscow, died on Wednesday, February 27.

Public officials react to Van Cliburn's death

27 February 2013 | 11:34 pm Gov. Perry, former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and others express their thoughts on the iconic pianist's death Wednesday.

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RIP Van Cliburn – Legal Insurrection

27 February 2013 | 10:30 pm Renowned American classical pianist Van Cliburn died Wednesday morning at the age of 78 after a battle with bone cancer, publicist and longtime friend Mary Lou Falcone told The Associated Press. Falcone announced in

Old Acquaintances Remember Cliburn –

27 February 2013 | 10:10 pm Van Cliburn, who died Wednesday, was recalled as a 20-something who moved his own furniture and was seemingly deaf to wake-up calls.

Family, Friends and Loved Ones Remember Van Cliburn | NBC 5 …

27 February 2013 | 8:58 pm As news of his death spread around the world, mourners shared their stories and memories of the Fort Worth pianist.


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10 Responses to Van Cliburn

  • PoBoy says:

    Would Robert Jeffress Have Banned Van Cliburn From His Church? Robert Jeffress is an authoritarian, extremist Baptist “pastor” who is perpetually at war with social moderates and libertarians. Van Cliburn, world renown pianist, and gay man, from Ft. Worth, TX, attended Baptist services every week.

    Would Jeffress have banned him from attending services if Cliburn tried to attend his church?

  • What Do We Mean By “modern Piano Studies”? I know what a classical piano study consists of but when we talk about modern piano what exactly do we mean? Is it jazz music? What years of piano history are considered modern?

    • Curator says:

      Point of reference is essential to know what is meant. Since you say classical, the ‘later modern music’ is by era definition, music composed between 1890 – 1975, and then the more specific reference is to ‘modern / contemporary style’ i.e. not late romantic era or style’ (All composers do not ‘shift style’ on cue with later assigned period / era dates 🙂

      Debussy Etudes, Scriabin (at the least, because he is both ‘modern and ‘somewhat’ but not fully ‘late romantic’) or something by Stravinsky, Bartok, Messiaen, George Crumb, Toru Takemitsu, etc. Even the ‘minimalist’ conservative harmony of Philip Glass may ‘count,’ but I would suggest some Glass is far less technically demanding than what might be expected.

      I.e. both modern harmony (vs. common practice harmony — this may exclude say, ‘Rachmaninoff’ — who is by date ‘modern’ but by style ‘romantic’) and a less usual configuration or less traditional way of playing the piano. The requirement is to show you are both somewhat conversant with not just modern harmony, but also with less traditional patterns of piano playing — both ear and hands negotiating something outside the realm of the earlier periods.

      Below, if you are not familiar, are a handful of varied works. Some are quite difficult, not meant to intimidate but rather give you an idea of ‘the kind of music’ somewhat expected.

      John Adams ~ American Berserk

      Frederic Rzewski, “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues,’ a piece played in the ‘modern / contemporary’ requirement for the Van Cliburn competition by pianist Roger Wright:

      Nikolaos Skalkottas ~ Catastrophe in the Jungle

      Henry Cowell ~ (known for early innovative piano ‘extended’ techniques…)

      Banshee — played exclusively with the fingers on the harp of the piano (requires a grand with the lid open, an upright will not do — do not choose if you do not have daily access to a grand.)

      George Crumb ~ A little suite for Christmas, a series of lovely miniatures, sometimes also using extended techniques, playing the harp of the piano, etc.

      You may need nothing as ‘difficult,’ a short piece I recommend to essay the ‘earlier end’ of modern is Bartok, Microkosmos, Book V, No. 133, ‘Syncopation (III)’

      Best regards.

  • Wtfdude says:

    How Much Are These Old Records Worth All Together? I have one of each:
    33 1/2:
    The Sting-1973
    The Graduate soundtrack-1967
    Henry Mancini The Pink Panther-1963
    The Beach Boys-1975
    Meet The Beatles-the first album by englands’ phenominal pop combo-1963
    Johnny Cash’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1)-19–
    Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits-with autographed souvenir inside-19–
    86 Eagles Live-1980
    Mary Poppins-1964
    Uncle Remus-1963
    The Righteous Brothers Greatest Hits-19–
    Switched On Bach-1968
    Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Via Satelite-1972
    Fiddler On The Roof Deluxe 2 Record Set-1971
    Van Cliburn My Favorite Chopin-1961
    Rubenstein Chopin Nocturnes-19–

    The Beatles first album in America is on of the ones I have listed, My grandmother bought it the first day it came out. All the previous records ARE in the original covers, and each record has only been played a maximum of 7 times each.

    The following ARE in the original cases, but Dates are unknown:
    La Paloma Twist/Slow Twistin’ Chubby Checker-19–
    The Little Drummer Boy-19–
    The Beach Boys- FunFunFun/Why do fools fall in love/19–
    The Twist/Twistin’ USA- Chubby Checker- 19–

    The Following are NOT in the original cases, but in albums, and paper sleeves, again each played a maximum of 7 times (my grandparents knew they would be worth a lot someday):

    Please Please Me/From Me To You-The Beatles
    I’ll Get You/She Loves You-The Beatles
    Misery/Taste Of Honey/Ask Me Why-The Beatles
    Beach Boys-409/Surfin’ Safari
    She’s A Woman/I Feel Fine- The Beatles
    Do You want to know a secret/Thank you girl-The Beatles
    I should’ve known better/A hard day’s night-The Beatles
    All My Loving/This Boy-The Beatles
    I Was standing there/I want to hold your hand-The Beatles
    You Can’t do that/Can’t Buy Me Love-The Beatles
    Please Mr. Postman/Roll Over Beethoven’The Beatles version
    Just Like A Woman/Obviously 5 believers-Bob Dylan
    Thank you girl/do you want to know a secret-The Beatles
    Twist And Shout/There’s A Place- The Beatles
    Haunted Castle/Louie Louie-The Kingsmen
    Like A Rolling Stone/Gates of Eden-Bob Dylan
    Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues/I Want You-Bob Dylan

    • Curator says:

      5. Jascha Heifetz
      4. Arcangelo Corelli
      3. Antonio Vivaldi
      2. Pablo de Sarasate
      1. Niccolo Paganini

      BRB with pianists

      5. Van Cliburn
      4. Maurizio Pollini
      3. Alfred Brendel
      2. Evgeny Kissin
      1. Martha Argerich

    • Curator says:

      Rappers: Lil Wayne was born in Louisiana. 🙂
      Louis Armstrong musician, New Orleans
      Geoffrey Beene fashion designer, Haynesville
      Truman Capote writer, New Orleans
      Kitty Carlisle singer, actress, New Orleans
      Van Cliburn concert pianist, Shreveport
      Michael De Bakey heart surgeon, Lake Charles
      Fats Domino musician, New Orleans
      Louis Moreau Gottschalk pianist, composer, New Orleans
      Bryant Gumbel TV newscaster, New Orleans
      Lillian Hellman playwright, New Orleans
      Al Hirt trumpeter, New Orleans
      Mahalia Jackson gospel singer, New Orleans
      Dorothy Lamour actress, New Orleans
      Jerry Lee Lewis singer, Ferriday
      Huey P. Long politician, Winnfield
      Wynton Marsalis musician, New Orleans
      Jelly Roll Morton jazz musician, composer, New Orleans
      Huey Newton black activist, New Orleans
      Paul Prudhomme chef, Opelousas
      Cokie Roberts journalist, New Orleans
      Kordell Stewart football player, Marrero
      Ray Walston actor, New Orleans
      Edward Douglas White jurist, Lafourche Parish

    • Curator says:

      It is the Tchaikovsky piano concerto No. 1

      The judges of that competition were in great fear about awarding the prize to an American, though he must have played better than the other competitors in order to be under consideration. They were very afraid of disciplining or worse from political higher-ups… In the early a.m. they managed to get through to Nikita Kruschev, the Soviet Premiere. He asked them if the young pianist had played better than the others, the answer was yes. Kruschev told the judges, “give him the prize then.”

      At the height of the cold war, his win had an inevitable political spin, an American winning a Soviet competition playing Russian music… he is the only American musician, of any sort, to be given a ticker-tape parade.

      Best regards.

      P.s. contestants play required repertoire and repertoire of their choice in the preliminary rounds. It was the Tchaikovsky concerto, in the finals, that cemented the award.

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