Vidal Sassoon Died

Vidal Sassoon died after long battle with Leukemia

Wed, 09 May 2012 23:39:54 -0700 Vidal Sassoon, the pioneering British hairdresser, died on Wednesday after a long battle with leukaemia, according to reports. He was 84.

Celebrity hair stylist Vidal Sassoon dead at 84

Wed, 09 May 2012 15:34:20 -0700 LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Vidal Sassoon, hair stylist and fashion world icon who created a natural look in the 1960s and built a multi-million dollar business on his name, has died of apparent natural causes at his home in Los Angeles. He was 84. The British stylist's scissors spelled the end of the 1950s-era beehive and the bouffant – untouchable hairstyles that owed their existence to lacquer …

Hair Icon Vidal Sassoon Dies

Wed, 09 May 2012 12:57:47 -0700 Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, who undid the beehive with his wash-and-wear cuts and went on to become an international name in hair care, died Wednesday. He was 84.

Vidal Sassoon Dies Style News – StyleWatch –

Renowned Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon Dies. Vidal Sassoon Dave Allocca/Starpix/AP. Legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon died in his Bel Air home on Wednesday morning. He was 84. The famed coiffeur passed away from …

Vidal Sassoon Dead at 84 — The Cut

Celebrated hairstylist Vidal Sassoon has died at age 84 of an unspecified illness, according to the L.A. Times. His family members were by his side when he passed away at his home on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

Legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon dead at 84 This Just In – CNN …

Vidal Sassoon, the legendary hairstylist, died of "apparent natural causes" at his Los Angeles home Wednesday morning, a Los Angeles police spokesman said. He was 84. Police were called to Sassoon's Bel Air home on …

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10 Responses to Vidal Sassoon Died

  • .Samantha says:

    Dry Frizzy Hair Helpp? I naturally have curly hair, but my hair is very dry and frizzy, and i used to have a chi flat iron till it blew up and until i get another one i have a vidal sassoon iron. when i first straighten it, its seems ok, soft and what not and then once i step outside my hair freezes and becomes VERY dry, the products i currently have are chi silk infusion, and for the heat protectant i have tresemme heat tamer spray. and my hair also has bad breakage like at the ends. i recently just dyed my hair and i think it came out too dark, its like a dark chocolate brown. is there anyway i can lighten it up to a lighter brown faster instead of dying it all over again?

  • Ginnnovan says:

    Where Can I Get A Vidal Sassoon 1875 Watt Ionic Diffuser Dryer VS769? My favorite hair dryer died. I can’t find it anywhere. Not in any store or anywhere online. Help!

    • Curator says:

      It seems like it’s been discontinued. You can try their website and if you don’t see it there, contact them to ask.

  • Username67 says:

    Flat Iron Recommendation? [professional Stylists Only Please]? I’ve had the worst luck with buying flat irons. The first one i bought was from somewhere in the mall I live near, and I’ve had to go back and trade in mine 6 times because they’ve each just stopped working.
    And the one I have now is next to dying, in really bad shape.Its a vidal sassoon gold and its been great for the past couple years, but the cord is really short and it falls off the counter all the time.

    So getting to my question, Any stylists have any recommendations for a good flat iron that you swear by? Cost is not an issue.


    • Curator says:

      I have hard to straighten hair, Chi is definitely the best. I’ve had mine for about 2-3 years and have never had a problem with it.

  • Sophieb says:

    Comparing Hair Dryers, Which One Is Best For Long Hair? I had a Conair and it was great but the heating element died after 6 years. I bought a Vidal Sassoon same type and strength and it overheats (right from the start) while the Conair never overheated. The prices were nearly the same. What’s the problem? Is one better than the other or could it be where the product is being made these days with cheaper parts. Which brand and strength of hair dryer do you use, and, how long has the product lasted before you needed a new one?

    • Curator says:

      Well all I use is conair…I suggest you find another Conair hair dryer they have the best dryers and curlers…I’ve had my Conair dryer for about 3 years+ its still awesome!

  • Jennifer P says:

    Taking Dyed Black Hair Back To Natural Blonde? Help!
    I have light naturally blonde hair (level 8 a 1-10 scale) but I made the mistake of dying it black last September. I first dyed it myself, then three months later had it done again black at a pro salon (Vidal Sassoon). I have dyed it one other time since then with a semi-permanent.
    My hair is relatively healthy… but here’s the thing! I want my natural hair color back. I’m no stranger to bleaching and am not opposed to a salon, but my worst fear is that it’ll turn out orange or unnaturally yellow, or will end up with a gummy overbleached texture.
    I want the natural golden color back. I work in an office so I don’t want the result to look unprofessional. Could a salon really get my real hair color back, or at least a natural-looking blonde?

    • Curator says:

      I went to school for cosmetology, and the answer is Yes. Although it won’t be exactly the same as your natural haircolor, it will be natural looking, and they will be able to get close enough so that you can grow it out and not have really noticeable roots. It is impossible to get your natural haircolor out of a bottle, but go to a good salon and have them try to match as close as they can to your natural color. (bring a picture if you have one) Then take really good care of your hair until it grows out and you should be fine.

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