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Minn. House approves revised Vikings stadium bill

Mon, 07 May 2012 22:29:58 -0700 ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) The Minnesota Vikings took a giant step Monday night toward a new taxpayer-subsidized football stadium when the state House approved legislation, but lawmakers upped the share the team would have to pay.–nfl.html

Vikings' $975M stadium bill passed by Minn. House

Mon, 07 May 2012 22:19:17 -0700 ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings took a giant step Monday night toward a new taxpayer-subsidized football stadium when the state House approved legislation, but lawmakers upped the share the team would have to pay.

Vikings stadium plan clears Minnesota House

Tue, 08 May 2012 06:10:39 -0700 The Minnesota Vikings drew closer to the goal line in their quest for a new stadium Monday, with the Minnesota House of Representatives approving a bill for a publicly-subsidized project Monday. Along the way, though, there was a material change in the legislation, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The amount the Vikings and the NFL must pay for the nearly $1 billion stadium that would …

Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Stadium Bill Passes House Of …

The Minnesota Vikings stadium bill passed the Minnesota House of Representatives, and will move to the Senate on Tuesday.

Next Hurdle Arrives For Minn. Vikings Stadium Plan CBS Minnesota

After years of setbacks, the Minnesota Vikings can finally point to a major victory in the franchise quest for a new stadium. Tuesday could make it two in a row.

Minn. House Passes Vikings Stadium Bill CBS Minnesota

The Minnesota House has voted to pass the $975 million stadium bill late Monday night.


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8 Responses to Vikings Stadium

  • Anonymous says:

    Do The St. Louis Rams Or Minnesota Vikings Have A Better Chance Of Moving To Los Angeles? We all know Los Angeles and the NFL wants a sports team badly. The divsions and number of teams are perfect so the only way they’ll get a team is through relocation. Los Angeles is currently about to build two stadiums already. Two teams are struggling to get a stadium deal done The Vikings and Rams. The Rams ranked 31st in attendance last season, which tells you the fans aren’t comittied then again St. Louis barely has over 300,000 people. St. Louis has lost an NFL team before (the cardnails to arizona) so it would be no suprise if they lose one again since the ram were in Los Angeles before St.Louis for 49 years.

    The Vikings on the other hand ranked 23rd in attendance last year. Minnesota lost their NBA team the lakers to LA so it could possibly happen. The Vikings would move into Farmers field set to be built by 2016 and their would be many people going to the games since the vikings have the same colors as the lakers. Minneapolis and St. Paul combined have about 650,000 people. The Vikings can support a team in Minnesota it would just be much easier in LA.

    In Conclusion by 2016 I think the St. Louis rams will move to Los Angeles. They have past history with LA and Los Angeles rudes for the rams anyway on sunday. St. Louis has great fans but their just aren’t enough of them to support a team. They can visit the Cheifs,Bears and Titans all within a 5 hour drive if they want to see a game, and hey if the St. Louis show enough team spirt maybe the cheifs will move to St. Louis you never know.

    • Curator says:

      Los Angeles isn’t going to build any stadium?? Somebody else needs to get informed. There are two sites ready to be built and one is shovel ready.

      As for Los Angeles loosing two teams. Yes we did. Georgia Frontire was moving the team to St. Louis and there was not changing that. The Raiders never wanted to leave LA and had a few stadium sites proposed but it didn’t pan out. Raiders attendance in LA was a heck of a lot better than it is now in Oakland.

      But to answer the question, I think a wrong will be righted and the Rams will end up back in Los Angeles. This is where they belong. As much as I would love to have a team in LA, the Vikings belong in Minnesota and that state needs to do everything it can to keep them there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Will The Minnesota Vikings Move To Los Angeles? They are having major problems bulding a new stadium. And the governor of Minnesota actually met with the mayor of Los Angeles about this problem. I can’t really see the vikings move but then again the lakers moved from minnesota to L.A so anything can happen.

    The NFC North has so much history and I think moving the team would be a bad idea. If any team moves to LA it should be the Rams L.A wants the rams back and the only way they would accept the vikings is if the rams moved too.

    The Vikings ranked 23rd in attendance last year which isn’t good it doesn’t help the situation, but even with that problem I still can’t see the Vikings moving what do you think?

    • Curator says:

      I think so. They are not making any headway on a stadium deal, and the metrodome is barely standing. LA and state farm already have a deal with the NFL that if a team is moved to LA, they will fund the creation of a stadium known as state farm stadium by 2014, which is perfect for the Vikings. The main issue would be realigning the divisions. The LA Vikings would obviously move to the NFC West, and one of the NFC West teams will have to go to the north since LA is the farthest thing from the north. I think it would end up being the Seahawks moving to the NFC north, since they are the only NFC West team that is somewhat north.

  • Vikings Fan says:

    Vikings New Stadium: Outdoors, Indoors, Or Retractable Roof? At this point in time, it’s obvious the state will build a stadium with a roof. I hope it’s retractable, cause then it can be open on game day (hope it would be open in winter, but no guarantees), and it could be used for winter events, like the NHL Winter Classic. It can also be used year round. If the new stadium was outdoors, all the events hosted at the Metrodome would have nowhere to go. Anyone who thinks the roof should be closed in winter should watch this video.

    • Curator says:

      That’s a very good point you have there, and in the video.They would have homefield advantage because they would be used to the cold, and the other team will not. Plus it’s cheaper like you said. The only thing they need to do is find a place to put it, and make sure you have enough money to build it.Right now, I’ve heard several places about them putting it.Maybe not St. Paul, because there’s already too much going on there. They should put it in a place where people would go. I heard it might be put in Shakopee. Well, I bet most people won’t drive all the way over there, to see a game. So, yes, the Vikings should get a outdoor stadium.

  • Still Wondering About Vikings Future In MN? I never would have thought, when I was asking about this last season, that at this point there would STILL be no decision on a new Vikes stadium. Last thing I read on MPR is it looks like the bill is dead for this legislative session (!). Are the Wilf’s more than likely PO’d to no end and ready to move ANYWHERE they can get a functioning stadium??
    Good point Terry, or maybe I mean anywhere they will give them a new stadium, I guess Los Angeles comes to mind first, sounds like they are willing to take possibly 2 teams in that area.

    • Curator says:

      I don’t think there’s much left to wonder about the Vikings future in MN. Owners Zygi Wilf wants about 20% more public funding than the legislature is willing to give him (the 2 sides are roughly $100 million apart). I think the reason the legislature will not give in to Wilf is because taxpayers (voters) don’t support giving him any more and because Wilf wants to build the new stadium in Arden Hills, MN which is about 12 miles northeast of the Metrodome’s current location.

      12 miles might not seem like much, but 12 miles is far enough to take all the revenue generated from 60,000 people going to Vikings games at least 10 times a year out of the downtown area. That’s a huge revenue loss for the downtown area…in fact, it’s the same revenue loss the downtown will experience if the team just moves and they give Wilf nothing….so downtown Minneapolis residents have little motivation to agree to give Wilf any more money if he’s just going to move the site of the Vikings stadium if they do agree to give him more money.

      Taxpayers have repeatedly proven unwilling to pay what Wilf wants to keep the team in MN. Unless something changes between now and a year from now that hasn’t changed in the last 2 years, I think it’s pretty clear that Wilf is going to have to move the Vikings somewhere else if he wants the amount of public funding he’s asking for.

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