The Voice Winner

The Voice winner; DWTS losers

Wed, 09 May 2012 07:46:55 -0700 Big night for competition show results

Who won 'The Voice'? Jermaine Paul, no longer a 'backup singer'

Wed, 09 May 2012 07:48:56 -0700 'The Voice' winner, Jermaine Paul, gets a $100,000 and a recording contract. Justin Bieber also appeared on the The Voice stage Tuesday night. Jermaine Paul was once a backup singer for Alicia Keys.

"The Voice" set to crown a winner

Mon, 07 May 2012 13:39:07 -0700 NEW YORK (Reuters) – After a season filled with celebrities, suspense, and of course, singing, NBC's popular TV vocal competition "The Voice" is set to crown a winner on Tuesday's special two-hour finale. Tuesday's season end follows Monday's final performance episode in which remaining singers Tony Lucca of Team Adam, Chris Mann of Team Christina, Jermaine Paul of Team Blake, and Juliet Simms …

'The Voice' winner: Jermaine Paul beats Juliet Simms, Tony Lucca …

The contestants on The Voice haven't had an uneventful season by any means. There were celebrity feuds, babies born, parents lost — but finally, the final four emerged. Tony Lucca, Juliet Simms, Chris Mann, and Jermaine …

Jermaine Paul Wins "The Voice" | Season 2012 Winner | Gossip Cop

Jermaine Paul won The Voice on Tuesday's second season finale! He was coached by Blake Shelton. Juliet Simms came in second place.

'The Voice' Names Season 2 Winner – Hollywood Reporter

In a two -hour finale, NBC announced The Voice's season two winner. America's votes were counted and the coaches didn't have a say this time around. The champion would come down to either classically trained Chris …

NEW The Voice of Matthew – Winner, Lauren F.

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JAVIER Colon winner of The Voice Crazy 2003 promo CD single

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The Voice of a Star: Winner of Stars in Their Eyes As Maria Callas, Nicola Kirsc

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NEW – The Voice of Matthew by Lauren F. Winner

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7 Responses to The Voice Winner

  • Anonymous says:

    You Think Jermaine Should Have Won On The Voice? He won the show to night. I am just wondering if you agree with Americas winner of the voice or do you think someone else should have won? I had a few of my votes on him seeing as how I had my eye on him since the beginning for his great voice. What about you?

  • Pandora says:

    The Voice,,,,,,,,,,, WHO? Who do you think the winner will be tonight ????

    Who do you want to win ?
    I love Jermain Paul but don’t think he will be the winner…I’m thinking >>>>> ?

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    When the Democrats select delegates to their national convention they
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    Superdelegates are
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    The main loophole to McCain-Feingold legislation is
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  • Anonymous says:

    Whose Better In These Musical Match Ups? Nirvana vs Pearl Jam
    Foo Fighters vs Nine Inch Nails
    Rage Against The Machine vs Nickleback
    Soundgarden vs Stone Temple Pilots
    Bush vs Smashing Pumpkins

    For me the winners are:

    Nirvana vs Pearl Jam: personally I gotta go with Pearl Jam (I love nirvana but I have just been really into pearl jam lately)

    Foo Fighters vs Nine Inch Nails: Foo fighters (just more talented and make real music)

    Rage Against The Machine vs Nickleback: RATM (better music)

    Soundgarden vs Stone Temple Pilots: Soundgarden (Chris Cornell is my hero)

    Bush vs Smashing Pumpkins: Smashing Pumpkins (billy corgans voice is awesome although their new stuff sucks)

    Please explain ur answers

  • Anonymous says:

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