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Weather Radar has been in the news a lot lately. Here the latest.

Severe weather update for Chicago, NFL week 11: More storms …

17 November 2013 | 7:19 pm Like Facebook. Radar show storms moving through Chicago as of 1 p.m. CT and another round of storms is on its way. The NFL evacuated Soldier Field, in Chicago earlier this afternoon due to severe weather

Detroit Lions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Weather Could Be a Factor …

17 November 2013 | 2:00 pm Take a look at the hourly forecast for Pittsburgh during today's game: DET_PIT_2013_Week111. Click the image for the most up to date forecast from With a game time temperature around 60 degrees, this

Slight to moderate risk of severe weather in SE Wisconsin …

17 November 2013 | 1:29 pm The high-definition FOX6 Storm Center app for iPad is a full-featured weather app with the tools to keep you informed of weather news, current conditions and forecasts. The interactive radar provides an up-to-date map of

Charles Hubbell Print First Weather Radar 1944

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1974 Bendix Weathervision Airborne Digital Weather Radar 2-Page Ad

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Centrafricaine 1964 Meteorology/Weather Day/Radar/Clouds/IMO/WMO 1v (n23765)

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11 Responses to Weather Radar

  • OMG says:

    Confusing WEather Map? Sorry i don’t have picture, but it’s confusing…. LIke it shows high air pressure (clear or sunny days), but it’s yellow color (moderate rain)….. Help pls!?

    • Curator says:

      Could be your image is a combination surface and satellite map (where the yellow area indicates cloud-top temperatures) or surface and radar map (where the yellow area indicates moderate intensity rainfall).

      If it’s a radar composite, then the yellow area should be surrounded by green indicating lighter intensity rainfall.

      Since there’s HIGH pressure on the map, chances are the yellow area marks the location of high clouds.

  • Darcie says:

    Do You Think Mutants Would Be Good Or Evil? If people with powers like being able to blind people temporarily, read animals’ minds, have inbuilt advisors, walk through walls and control the weather turned out to be real, what would you think of them? Would you love them or hate them? Would you be anti-mutant or not?

    • Curator says:

      I’d think they’d be both, just like the people around them. That way you get conflict for a narrative and/or a fair shot at redemption otherwise. 😉

      I will say this much. The _Good_ fiction I’ve read about mutants, as such, and my experience with the common way the word “mutant” is normally applied to people in real life? I’d go in assuming that some people would in fact be wingnuts about it, they would be racist and anti-mutant. They’d say that “they’re all psychopaths” or “they’re all too unstable to be out loose”.

      And they’d have a point if they weren’t picking on _teenagers_ who might be dealing with _otherworldly_ powers. Really, you’re expecting teenagers dealing with near-Lovecraftian personal horrors already, and _then_ their bodies have PMS on crack as they become mutants too? Right. You’re expecting them to be mature, composed and well-behaved if not downright prim?

      I personally would be pro-mutant. On the open, public side of affairs, I’d insist that this is a human rights issue, pure and simple, and that if they’re born of human parents, they deserve the same human rights and basic decency we do, until they blow it and lose it.

      More privately? If we go in assuming an original, real-life setting and nothing previously copyrighted, then who knows _who_ might be slipping things under the radar….

  • Malena says:

    Need A Song For Senior Dance Recital!? I’m a choreographer and I need a song for a senior recital.
    Something similar to “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” (with that jazz/Gatsby feel, but modern. Something I could do a kick line to at the end) or something similar to “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oats. I’m looking for a song that people will know and that has that has that special fun quality. Something relatively fast that has a good beat. Doesn’t have to relate to being a senior (in college) but I want this dance to be huge, badass, and unforgettable.
    I recently choreographed to “All That Jazz” from Chicago and it was a hit because I put in a kickline at the end. Yeah…I need something THAT big and memorable.

    These are some of my options but none of them feels like “the one:”

    Ain’t no other man by Christina Agulaira
    High school musical from High School Musical 3 (thought it could be cute)
    I’m a believer
    Brave by Sara Barellis
    Buenos Aires from Evita
    crazy little thing called love by Michael Buble
    let’s be bad from SMASH (NBC)
    mambo number 5
    best I ever had by Gavin Degraw
    paradise by the dashboard light by Meatloaf

    The 2 songs that are at my top (because they’re closest to my 2 examples above) are Ain’t No Other Man or High School Musical.

    Something upbeat that is somewhat fast. Preferably with a modern 1920’s or 1950’s/60’s feel

    • Curator says:


      Pink Floyd— Summer ’68, Coming back to life, Lost for words, Great day for freedom, San Tropez
      High hopes, Lucifer Sam
      Billy Joel—Only the good die young, We didn’t start the fire, Uptown girl, River of dreams
      David Hasselhoff–Queen of the rain, Try a little tenderness, Dark Side of my heart, Crazy on a Saturday night, Until the last teardrop falls
      Evanescence–Bring me to life, Lose control, The only one, Breathe no more, Even in death ,Going under,
      Everybody’s fool, Sweet sacrifice, Call me when you’re sober, sick, lost in paradise
      Sarah Brightman—Fly, When it rains in America, Rain, How can heaven love me, You take my breath away, It’s a beautiful day, Arabian nights, Harem, I lost my heart to a starship trooper (hot gossip)
      Paula Abdul- Vibeology, Cold Hearted Snake, Straight up, to you, the way that you love me
      Miami Sound Machine- Dr. beat, Conga, Primitive love, prisoner of love, rhythm is gonna get ya, 1-2-3, movies
      Rob Zombie—Dragula, Spookshow baby, Phantom Stranger
      Enigma –Gravity of love, Silence must be heard, Principles of lust, Sadness
      Meatloaf—If this is the last kiss, everything louder than everything else, bat out of hell, rock & roll dreams come true, You took the words right out of my mouth, not a dry eye in the house, los angeloser
      Charlotte Church—Don’t think about it, moodswings, dream a dream (Elysium), call my name, crazy chick
      the Doors–People are strange, LA Woman, Waiting on the sun, hello I love you, love me two times, when the music’s over
      Black muddy river—grateful dead
      Underneath the radar—underworld
      Put your lights on—Santana
      She wolf—Shakira
      Fighter—Christina Aguilera
      Rad –Music that you can dance to-The Sparks, Send me an angel—Real Life, Thunder in your heart—John Farnham, Get Strange—Hubert Kah
      Loved by the sun, Is your love strong enough —Tangerine Dream (Legend)
      She’s like the wind—Patrick Swayze (dirty Dancing)
      Tonight is what it means to be young—Fire Inc (Streets of fire)
      Love is in the air—John Paul Young (Strictly Ballroom)
      It’s my turn to fly—The Urge (Titan AE)
      Chilly Down, Magic dance —David Bowie (Labyrinth)
      Batdance, Partyman-Prince (Batman)
      One more time –Michael Bolton, What’s the matter with love—Laurena Wilerson (Sing)
      Only my heart talking—Alice Cooper
      Buttons, When I grow up —PCD
      Striptease—Danity Kane
      Circus—Britney Spears
      When the rush comes—Motorcycle
      Sledgehammer—Peter Gabriel
      Talking in your sleep—The Romantics
      Crystal Blue persuasion—Tommy James & The Shondells
      Silent Lucidity—Queensryche
      Abracadabra—Steve Miller Band
      Red red wine—UB40
      Godzilla—Blue oyster cult
      Who’s Johnny-El Debarge
      Set the night to music—Starship
      What have you done for me lately—Whitney Houston
      No more tears, Zombie Stomp —Ozzy Osbourne
      Nasty—Janet Jackson
      It’s raining men—Weather Girls
      Dream Weaver—Gary Wright
      Set adrift on memory bliss-PM Dawn
      Moon Baby–Godsmack
      Won’t back down-Eminem
      More than a kiss-Tommy Conwell (shout)
      Kentucky Rain, An American Trilogy, There’s a brand new day on the horizon, & other songs —Elvis
      Love you to death—Kamelot
      My destiny—Leaves’ Eyes
      I Like it—Enrique Iglesas
      Only girl—Rihanna
      Rock you like a hurricane-scorpions
      Teen Witch– Finest hour-Cindy Valentine aka Valentine Leone, I like boys-Elizabeth & the Weirz, Never gonna be the same again—Lori Russo aka Valentine Leone
      Detroit Rock City—Kiss
      Dreamstate-Liquid Sky
      Crossing the River-Eddi Reader(Batman Forever)
      Shake your cosmic thang, Channel Z —The B-52’S
      Cause I’m a blonde-Julie Brown (Earth Girls are easy)
      Naughty girls need love too—Samantha Fox
      Dirty Diana (and others)—Michael Jackson
      Marry the night-Lady Gaga
      Holiday, lucky star, &many others–Madonna
      She’s a rebel-Green Day
      Roses of Success, me ol’ bamboo-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    • Curator says:

      ‘Vol. cov. pattern’ is short for volume coverage pattern (VCP).
      It’s a number assigned to the different patterns used by the radar to scan the atmosphere in the vicinity of the radome.

      A Volume Coverage Pattern (VCP) is a series of 360 degree sweeps of the antenna at selected elevation angles completed in a specified period of time.

      VCP32 is ‘clear air mode.’
      It’s used when no precipitation is in the area or when light snowfall or during periods of light snowfall. The radar makes one complete volume scan of 5 angles in 10″.

      VCP11 is ‘severe storm mode.’ The volume is scanned in about 5″ at 14 elevation angles.

  • Seth says:

    Whats Some Good Storm Tracking/radar Software? I am looking for some good free storm tracking/radar software. I am a skywarn spotter and currently using Grlevel3. I would like to find something with a lot of the same attributes as that but I know that it probably not a possibility. So I would like some thing similar to it. The main things that I am looking for would be real time tracking, range rings, and the various radar products such as BR, BV, SRV, and hourly rainfall. So forth and so on

    Any help is more then welcome

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