White House Down

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Box Office Report: 'The Heat' Crushing 'White House Down,' Eyeing $39 Million Debut

29 June 2013 | 3:56 pm Starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, Roland Emmerich’s big-budget tentpole “White House Down” may only open to a dismal $25 million, likely hurt by hitting theaters so soon after the similarly themed “Olympus Has Fallen.” read more http://rss.feedsportal.com/c/34793/f/641580/s/2df8368c/l/0L0Shollywoodreporter0N0Cnews0Cbox0Eoffice0Ereport0Eheat0Ecrushing0E577549/story01.htm

White House Down Director Roland Emmerich Talks Sequels

29 June 2013 | 1:26 pm White House Down director Roland Emmerich is no stranger to blow-’em-up Summer blockbusters – he’s also the man who brought the world Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow . We caught up with Roland at his latest movie’s recent press day in Washington DC, where he dished on star Channing Tatum ‘s future as an action hero and whether or not they’ll team up again on a White House Down sequel. http://www.popsugar.com/Roland-Emmerich-White-House-Down-Interview-Video-30889643

'White House Down': What It Takes to Protect the President

28 June 2013 | 10:41 pm Hollywood seems to have the ingredients needed for a blockbuster disaster movie down to a science: lots of explosions, action-packed fight sequences and nefarious criminals laying siege to the government, a city or the world. http://news.yahoo.com/white-house-down-takes-protect-president-224102219.html

Channing Tatum Deep Throats Waffles In Wild &amp; Sexy <b>White House</b> <b>…</b>

29 June 2013 | 7:02 am Channing Tatum eats food! We have proof! See it HERE! http://perezhilton.com/2013-06-29-channing-tatum-waffle-house-down-jimmy-kimmel-live-spoof-white-house-down-jamie-foxx

Sound Off: Roland Emmerich's '<b>White House Down</b>' – Your Thoughts <b>…</b>

28 June 2013 | 10:07 pm Now that you've seen it, what did you think? I lost the rocket launcher. Now playing in theaters is White House Down, the second White House action movie. http://www.firstshowing.net/2013/sound-off-roland-emmerichs-white-house-down-your-thoughts/

Box office battle: 'Heat' vs. '<b>White House Down</b>' The Marquee Blog <b>…</b>

28 June 2013 | 8:18 pm Two movies are in theaters this weekend starring pairs of extremely likable actors: Roland Emmerich's action flick "White House Down," with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, and Paul Feig's female buddy cop comedy "The  http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2013/06/28/box-office-battle-heat-vs-white-house-down/


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6 Responses to White House Down

  • Joey says:

    Can Someone Help Me Interpret This Dream? I had this dream a few weeks ago, and I can still tell the story as if I dreamt it last night.

    Me, my younger brother, and my two aunts were running from someone. We didn’t know who. Then, we started to walk on a sidewalk, heading up a court (like a street, where it loops around and there are houses). We were on the right side, walking inside the court.

    My brother and aunt #2 seperated from me and aunt #1 as we walked, while me and aunt #1 were first. She told me to text aunt #3 and ask where she was, so I did. By the time I was done sending the text, we were at the end, making the loop. We kept walking, until we were at the end of the left side (at still in the circle).

    I walked up the pathway to the house, and my grandma was following! We all went to hide in the bushes so we didn’t have to speak with her, but she noticed us.

    Then, she told me that my grandpa needed new glasses ( ? ). Then my dad appeared for a moment and said “Hey, Sandy, try these on!” *Note that my parents are divorced, and that is my mom’s dad.*

    I continued in the house. The door shut behind me. It was narrow. A floating figure with a big chunk of its face missing, was in front of me. His face was almost cut in fourths, and the top left piece was missing, but his eye was still floating in place.

    He directed me down the right hallway, so I followed. It was a boring place, the walls were an obnoxious cream color. He was behind me, pushing me along. A few steps in this walk, there was a door to the left. *note this was an endless hallway, very narrow.* I looked in, and the walls were blue. There was a man in a cage, his skin was white, and he had one of those haircuts from like the people from the band KISS wear. He was crying black tears. The walls started to drip black blood. It was very dim.

    I continued down the hallway, and it started to drip black blood, once again. I looked into another room on the left side, and there were “Help Me” scratches all over the walls. The walls were white and it was a very dim setting. Still dripping black blood. Then, I saw black blood on my hands, and I tried to wipe it off on the walls, but it kept coming. I felt like I was going to bleed to death.

    I walked into that same room, and the door shut. The figure that was following me wasn’t there. And then, another figure jumped out at me from the corner, in which I couldn’t see, and then I woke up.

    My family said it was probably from anxiety. It is the weirdest, most vivid dream I’ve ever had. If anyone could clear this up, it would be great. Thanks.
    I am 13 years old, and my parents have been divorced since 2006.

  • Mr. ? Man says:

    Which New Movie Should I See? Monsters University, World War Z, White House Down, This is the End, or Now You See Me.

    Yes I am 17 year old guy and I wanna see MU, lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I Asked This Guy To The Movies? So there is this guy I like, and I finally kinda asked him to the movies…
    ME: Have you seen the previews for white house down? I wanna see it maybe sunday need a movie buddy, wanna come with me? If you free
    HIM: Yeah it looks good, I’ll see what’s on my agenda
    ME: Busy man, I get off at 8, so hopefully you’re free, let me know. Have a good night 🙂
    HIM: Alright sounds good.

    Does he know I like him and I’m asking him out? Is that why he said he’ll see whats on his agenda? If he says yes will he think we going just as friends?

  • American Emergency Presidential Inauguration Laws? My friend and I were having an argument about the emergency presidential inauguration laws of America after watching the movie ‘White House Down’.

    I would just like to know who would technically be president in the following situation:
    The president is presumed dead, consequently the vice president is inaugurated. After the inauguration it is discovered that the initial president is, in fact, alive.

    According to the ‘american emergency presidential inauguration laws’, for lack of a better term, who is technically president? Is it the president who was last inaugurated, or is the inauguration ignored because the initial president is not dead ?

    • Curator says:

      If the President cannot be verified to be dead, then the Vice President cannot become President. However, in such a situation, the Vice President could become the Acting President under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. The Amendment also spells out the procedure for the President to resume his office.

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