The Five Year Engagement

Film Review: The Five-Year Engagement

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:30:53 -0700 The Five-Year Engagement is the latest offspring of a new breed of romantic comedy attracting twenty- and thirtysomethings to theatres. Abandoning fairy-tale fantasies for candid snapshots of relationships in progress, these films are tackling the realities of a young, urban cohort.

Review: 'The Five-Year Engagement': Stumbles at start, finishes strong

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 06:41:57 -0700 The Five-Year Engagement is like fire and ice. The Jason Segel-Emily Blunt romcom has a cold, standoffish first act but ultimately warms up, becoming a genuinely sweet romantic comedy.

'The Five-Year Engagement' Reviews, The Wanted EP, 'Smash' And More: The Week In Ouch

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 06:24:10 -0700 Sorry Jason Segel, but all of your charm — and you do have a lot of it — couldn't save you from the critics this week. Segel's latest rom-com " The Five-Year Engagement " has been receiving mixed reviews, but which writer was outright angry by the time the two-and-a-half-hour movie was over?

The Five Year Engagement Might Dethrone Think Like A Man …

Unless something crazy happens, it looks like The Five Year Engagement might squeak past Think Like A Man for the #1 spot this weekend at the movies!! If for some reason it doesnt, though…

'The Five-Year Engagement' Box Office Results — Close For #1

FRIDAY PM/SATURDAY AM, 4TH UPDATE: I'm still on vacation but can't ignore four new low-cost movies opening in North American wide release and performing w.

The Five-Year Engagement: Who's Afraid of Jason Segel's Body?

In pop culture, we often take for granted the Adonis (so many visible abs dull the senses) and overlook the waistline of a funny or straight man. Strangely, the everydude build of Jason Segel is a frequent topic of fascination. He made it that way …


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The Five Year Engagement BOOKMARK – Jason Segel and Emily Blunt are the STARS!!!

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6 Responses to The Five Year Engagement

  • Anonymous says:

    Should I Tell My Girlfriend? Well me and my girl are really close. We have been best friends for years, and engaged for a few months now. Well I have had this illness since I was a little kid, and she knows about it. However, recently it has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. My lungs are slowly being destroyed, and my doctor told me that I only have a few years at most to live.

    Now I have known that this would happen someday, and I made peace with the thought of my death years ago. So I could accept death as it is, and not worry about anything. Just go you know. However, back then I didn’t have my beautiful angel to worry about. Whenever my illness flares up a little she has tears in her eyes, and she holds on my tight refusing to let me go.

    She knows all about my illness, just not the severity of it. I have already told her brother (my best friend), and all of our close friends. She talks about how we are going to be together forever, and how I am the greatest thing to ever happen to her. How I am the light of her life, and I m the one bulwark that keeps the darkness from overtaking her, and how I am her harbor in the massive storm of life.

    Life is ironic, that is for sure. How just months after my engagement to her, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life, be with her forever. But now I have this curve ball to fight. I know that if I tell her that she is going to break down, that is for certain. However, I can’t stand seeing my beautiful flower cry. She is such a fun loving, amazing, sweet, bubbly, unique girl. One who I fell for the second I saw her.

    Part of me wants to tell her, but then I know that she will be crying over me for years to come. And I just want to see her smiling, even if that is at someone else. I just want to know that she is going to be fine.

    But the other part of me wants to run away from it. Just break up with her, and get her to hate me. Yes I know it sounds cruel, but I have my reasons. If I do this she will cry, and she will curse my name for all eternity. But at least she could move on faster. That way she can live her life without having to think of the fate of the love struck fool that is me. If I do this, then I can find a nice little cozy hole to crawl into and die. I accept my death, and I just want to make sure she is happy.

    Or my third and final plan at this time. Just not tell her. Just keep on going as is, and just letting the days go by. Then one day I will die, and thats the end of it. Just as much grief as the first one, but at least she won’t be worried about me through the time I have left. It would at least let her live a normal life with her husband (if I live to get there), and not have to worry about anything until my death.

    I told all of the people close to us because they are best friends with the two of us since we were children, and I wanted their opinions. And the only reason I haven’t told her is because I know what her reaction is going to be 🙁 She is so sensitive, and she cares deeply for me. But I knew a long time ago that I just want her to be happy. I don’t mind sacrificing my own happiness for hers.

    No I can’t have a transplant, because it is a disease that is eating up most of my body. My left arm is pretty bad, and my right lung looks more like swiss cheese. It also affects my stomach and causes me to have random attacks that cause me to cough up blood. For example, I once went to the movies with her, and I told her I was going to the restroom and to go ahead without me. After she turned the corner, I basically ran to the restroom and started coughing up blood for about five minutes. I felt like someone had taken my lungs, and was crushing them in their cold hands.

    Oh and either way I am leaving behind enough money to take care of her for years and years to come. So I don’t have to worry about her financially. So what plan should I do, or do you suggest another course of action?

  • Serendipity. says:

    If You Are A Teenage Guy Would You…? Go see the movie The Five Year Engagement? My best friend and I are thinking about going with one of our guy friends and don’t know if it would be too chick flicky for him.

    • Curator says:

      It doesn’t matter if its a chick flick… Its got Jason segel.. and he is awesome 🙂

      nah go watch it, if he doesn’t like it say you’ll make it up to him by going to watch the manliest film in the cinema xD

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